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My name is Hamida Iddrisu founder and CEO of Hamy Comfort a company registered in Ghana to be an icon of hope to the less privileged by making a difference in the environment whiles bringing comfort to the people in Ghana and abroad.

OUR Vision

To be a change maker to the environment and a producer of products of change in Ghana

My dream has always been to start a business growing up. I realized I need to something to help me take the bold step to succeed in my dream. That is what motivated me to study business Accounting at the tertiary level. I also wanted to further understand what it takes to be successful in business. I joined the EQWIP Hubs program where we were taking through 6 week of foundational and further 9 weeks of entrepreneurship training. I was diagnosed of Essential Tremor growing up which is condition that do not allow me to do a lot of activities. Essential Tremor is a condition that makes my body shake and shiver. Despite these challenges, I started thinking about something that could be possible and comfortable for me to do in order to improve my livelihood. Running my own business is a good fit for me, because I can create a livelihood for myself that does not involve hard physical labour which I cannot do with my condition. Running this business is also a good fit for me because I enjoy providing great customer service to my customers and creating good customer relations.

I have an HND in Accounting from Tamale Polytechnic. Importantly, the three main areas of my accounting background help me to operate a successful business. The first main area is financial accounting. Since accounting is the process of recording and interpreting all financial and business activities I can apply some basic accounting principles such as Accounting daybooks, budgeting, financial statements, and many more to maximize profits and increase my business’s capacity (e.g. expand branches of the business in the future). The second main area is business finance. After growing a business one must know the time value of money, due to macro-economic factors such as inflation or deflation, policy rates, currency depreciation etc. I know how to prepare a budget in order to know what to spend at what time (e.g. matching expected revenue to expected expenditure, in order to invest in my business). The third main area of my education helps me is taxation. When my business begins to yield results and grow as a result of all the principles and concepts of accounting, I know how to register the business and begin to pay tax since taxes are necessary for the development of the nation. With my educational background, my business can improve and grow.

I came out with the idea of developing an environmentally responsible product, producing pillows out of plastics sachets (pure water rubber) that are usually disposed of. My business addresses the problem of garbage in Tamale by gathering plastic sachets (a huge source of waste) and turning them into a useful product.

recycling plastic

Tamale generates 810 tones of plastic waste

Tamale generates 810 tonnes of plastic waste of which only 210 tones are recycled whiles only 2% of waste is controlled, the other 98% is left uncontrolled in Tamale.

With 1 tone of plastic waste, we recycle it into producing 5 environmentally friendly and comfortable pillows